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    What a wicked kick !!!
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Profile description of Alex Vega:

Hardstyle DJ & host of the #VegaTron "One-Five-O" radio show

    The Pitcher - Those Summer Nights (Original Mix) [Fusion]
    B-Front - We Are One (Pro Mix) [Loudness]
    Drone - The Hybrid Player [Unite]
    High Voltage & Bass Chaserz - Karate Kidz (Original Mix) [Nightbreed]
    Psyko Punkz - Rough MF (Original Mix) [Dirty Workz]
    B-Freqz - Destroy You (Original Mix) [Roughstate]
    Break Zero - Wreckingball (Original Mix) [Nightbreed]
    Wild Motherfuckers - Knock You Down (Original Mix) [Unite]
    The Pitcher - The World Beyond (Destress Festival Anthem 2015) (Original Mix) [Fusion]
    Zemraq - Press, Play, Love [Free]
    Outbreak - It's On [We R Music]
    Raxtor - Massive (Original Mix) [Unite]
    Chuckie & Diamond Pistols feat Hyper Crush - Bang! (Airtunes Bootleg) [Free]
    Zatox & Hard Driver feat Dave Revan - Stand My Ground
    Sanctorium - Embrace The Code
    Primefire - T.T.T. (Original Mix) [Gearbox Digital]
    High Voltage & Titan - Death Is Coming (Original Mix) [Nightbreed]
    Myst - Finish You Off [Nightbreed]
    Kronos - Kannibals [Unite]
    Drone feat MC Sik Wit It - Earthquake (Original Mix) [Unite]
    Nutty T - New Reign (Hard Fix) [Nutty Trax]
    Arakne - Darkore
    Outbreak & DV8 Rocks - Get The Mean (Rough Edit)
    Axl Ground - The Gates [Free]
    X-Pander - Chase Me (Original Mix) [A2 Records]
    Atmozfears & Sub Zero Project - This Is Madness (Extended Mix) [DWX Anarchy]
    30 Seconds To Mars - The Kill (Endymion Rework) [Free]
    Activator - Gaius Caligula [Activa]
    Sephyx - Krakaka [Free]
    Deetox - Headknocker [Theracords]
    Gunz For Hire - This Is Los Angeles (Original Mix) [Roughstate]
    K96 - Pull The Trigger [Theracords]
    Vegas & Like Mike vs Ummet Ozcan - The Hum ( Freestyle Maniacs - Wolf Remix) [Free]
    Break Zero - Pain (Original Mix) [Nightbreed]
    Lowriders - Don't Get Back (The Eretik Bootleg) [Free]
    Ran-D - Crossroads (Clockartz & Chris One Remix) [A2 Records]
    Ran D & E-Life - Firestarter (Original Mix) [Roughstate]
    Jack Of Sound - 911 (Original Mix) [Fusion]
    Endymion & Phuture Noize - Who [Nightbreed]
    Tatanka - Dis-Co-Tek (Original Mix) [Zanzalabs]
    Gunz For Hire - May God Be With You All (Original Mix) [Roughtstate]
    Prime Suspects - Sentenced [Inblack]
    Malua - Ferocity (Original Mix) [A2 Records]
    Requiem - Killa Hilla (Original Mix) [Fusion]
    Delete feat Meghan Trainor vs. Zazafront & Sjaak of Sound - Big Fat Bass Level (Oi'town Dreamteam Mashup) [Free]
    Arakne feat Natski - Scream (Original Mix) [Activa]
    Ran-D - I Am Legion
    Sub Sonik - Go (Welcome To My World) [We R Music]
    Phuture Noize - Terrordome
    Krowdexx - Y.A.T. (Original Mix) [X-Raw]
    Project Exile - Fcker [Theracords]
    Requiem - Collateral Damage (Original Mix) [Fusion]
    Fury & Devotion - Yeah It Is
    D-Sturb - Sound Of The Bassdrum [Gearbox Digital]
    Unresolved - Kick This MF [Inblack]
    Unresolved - West Coast (Original Mix) [Gearbox Digital]
    Unresolved - Gangsta (Thyron Remix) [Gearbox Digital]
    Unresolved - The Big Bad Wolf (Original Mix) [Gearbox Digital]
    Francesco Zeta - Rock'n'Raw [Activa]
    Unresolved - Overground (Original Mix) [Gearbox Digital]
    Unresolved & Jason Payne - Nuclear (Original Mix) [Gearbox Digital]
    Scream Intention - Lets Go! (Original Mix) [X-Raw]
    Unresolved - Fckoff (Original Mix) [Gearbox Digital]
    B-Freqz - The End (Original Mix) [Roughstate]
    Bass Chaserz - Extreme Aggression (Original Mix) [Nightbreed]
    Break Zero - Mirrors (Original Mix) [Nightbreed]
    Bass Chaserz - Reach Up In Ya Mouth (Original Mix) [Nightbreed]
    Gunz For Hire - A Storm Is Coming (Original Mix) [Roughstate]
    Endymion & High Voltage - About To Get Raw (Original Mix) [Nightbreed]
    Adaro - My Soul To Take (Original Mix) [Roughstate]
    Vinai - The Wave (Sub Zero Project Bootleg) [Free]
    Deepack - Down Low 2015
    Prime Suspects - Scourge [Spoontech]
    Adaro & E-Force - Oldschool Flow (Original Mix) [Roughstate]
    Arakne - Don't Sleep (Extended Mix) [Activa]
    Digital Punk & Adaro - Whiplashed (Original Mix) [A2 Records]
    Radical Redemption & Digital Punk & Crypsis - Blood Sweat & Tears [Cloud9]
    Sub Sonik - Go Fuck Yourself
    Tartaros - Wake The F#ck Up (Original Mix) [The Magic Show]
    Alpha² - Hostile (Original Mix) [A2 Records]
    N-Vitral - Crispy Bassdrum [Third Movement]

    • Type: Podcast
    • Release Date: 2015-12-31
    • 150 bpm
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