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    INFINITIES END (book4) "EXODUS", ACT23 "SIEGE"320kbit/s

    #4 INFINITIES END (book4) "EXODUS", ACT23 "SIEGE" by DJ53X
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Mina & Enki are cornered by Damocles. In a hopeless situation he resurrects all of Mina's old foe's and lover's, all of whom are set to see her destroyed. Enki makes a desperate attempt to draw first blood and save his mother from his satanic father and the demons of her past, but to no avail, they all fall upon him and kill him. Afterwards they all start toward Mina. Again hatred and rage burn within her at the murder of her son, family, everyone she ever loved.All either dead or have betrayed her. Now completely Isolated and alone she knows it is no longer a question of winning or losing but rather how many of them she can take with her before she dies. With all this pain and rage within she charges forward into the final fight as the world is plunged into eternal darkness. Little could Mina suspect that Damocles has seen to it her demise will be brutal, complete, painful, and final.

    DJ53X - Introduction "SIEGE"
    Avantasia - Lucifer (A Final Prayer on the last day-ENKI/Damocles)
    Megadeth - Fatal Illusions (Time is up-Damocles)
    Kamelot - Rule The World (Ready to Die/ENKI)
    Disturbed - WHO? (Your True Face Father-ENKI)
    Megaherz - Fanatisch (The New Reality-Frankenstein)
    Rammstein - My curse (Frankenstein)
    Avantasia - The Haunting (Revenge on you both-Adam/ENKI)
    Nightwish - Bye Bye Beautiful (Lovers to enemies-Mina/Adam)
    DJ53X - The Death Of ENKI
    Daniel Licht - Blood Theme (Alone in this desolation)
    Avantasia - Twisted Mind (Just you and Me-Damocles/Mina)
    Imperia - Suicide (Die fighting-Mina)
    Slipknot - Goodbye (Final Words?-Adam)
    Within Temptation - Final Destination (Looking back-Mina)
    Delain - Nothing Left (Eve of The End-Mina/Adam)
    A Pale Horse Named Death - Die Alone (Condemnation-Damocles)
    In This Moment - Big Bad Wolf (One last time-Mina)
    DJ53X - The Final Fight

    Heavy Metal
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