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    INFINITIES END (book4), "EXODUS" ACT24 "OBLIVION"320kbit/s

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Mankind wiped out, Mina is alone and faced with all her foe's and lovers from the last 6000 years. One by one they come at her either attacking her mentally or physically, one by one she wards them off, until she is faced with an attack from Radu, Dracula, and Adam. This leaves her wounded and exhausted. As her vision clears she is approached by the little girl Eva, who gave her life for Mina's. She whispers to Mina "It is time to rest beloved." As she reaches out for her the child suddenly produces a long blade and runs Mina thru. When death takes her at last Mina's memory and pain all begin to fade away as she slips in to deep soothing darkness. The fight is over. mankind is extinct. She and this world she fought once to destroy, then so hard to save, die at last...together.

    DJ53X/JVK - Prolog- "Oblivion"
    DJ53X - Surrounded and Helpless (Damocles)
    DeathStars - Damn Me ( Settling the score-Adam)
    Eisbrecher - Driezen (Uncreation of you-Frankenstein)
    Epica - Unleashed (My last defiant Stand-Mina)
    Disturbed - Legion Of Monsters (Beyond all hope-VanHelsing)
    Epica - Unleashed (Mina)
    In This Moment - Gun Show (Deadly Reunion-Eliza)
    Marilyn Manson - Use your fist, not your mouth (Back again Bitch-Dracula)
    Rob Zombie - Superbeast (Damocles)
    Avenged Sevenfold - Scream (Hello my Queen-Radu)
    In This Moment - Adrenalize (Drawing First Blood-Mina)
    Megadeth - Never Dead (Damocles)
    Mortis - Closer To The End (You can't last much longer dear-Dracula)
    The Word Alive - Trapped (Adam)
    Nightwish - Deep Silent Complete (So Tired-Mina)
    DJ53X - The final Phantom
    Nightwish - Eva (A friendly face- Eva/Mina)
    DJ53X - Be Free My Beloved
    In This Moment - 11:11 (My last few words-Mina)
    DJ53X - The Passing
    JVK - An Epitaph No one will Read (OBLIVION)

    Heavy Metal, Soundscapes, Soundtrack, soundscape, dj53x, Symphonic Metal
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