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    JEKYLL & HYDE: ACT4 - "ME, MYSELF, AND I"320kbit/s

    #4 JEKYLL & HYDE: ACT4 -  "ME, MYSELF, AND I" by DJ53X
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5 years have passed since Henry & Eliza fled London to escape Poole. They have wandered across Europe before settling in the outskirts of Stockholm, Poole always one step behind. The two are happy but even more so with the birth of their first child. Several years pass, One night Poole breaks into their home to ambush them, he is unaware that Henry is home. The confrontation ends as Poole produces a pistol and mortally wounds Henry He escapes just as Eliza and their now 5 year old daughter walk thru the door. Jekyll dies from his wounds and Eliza besieged by grief plans revenge. Knowing Poole will eventually return to kill her and the child she lays a trap she only hopes will work. One night he returns to the house just as he is about to attack her Eliza drinks a bottle of liquid, before his eyes she splits in 2 now Poole faces Henry also. Henry kills Poole at last. 8 years later we fade out in front of the Jekyll home.Henry and Eliza sitting on a porch, watching their 5 children playing. Fade to black....The End???

    DJ53X - Act4 Prolog (A new beginning)
    DJ53X - Madness
    Steve Stevens - Heavy Horizon (Escape plan 1)
    Steve Stevens - Take to the highway (Escape Plan 2)
    Nightwish - White Night Fantasy (Me, Myself, Us, and I/Eliza)
    Alice Cooper - I am Made of You (My Daughter/ William)
    Genesis - Home By The Sea (You cannot Escape me/Poole)
    Divide The Day - Let It Roll (Final Confrontation- murder/Poole)
    In This Moment - Lay Your Gun Down (Finding WIlliam/Eliza)
    Heaven & Hell - Bible Black (My poor Damned Soul/Poole)
    Evanescence - M Immortal (Grieving for WIlliam/ELiza)
    Delain - Control The Storm (The Trap/Eliza)
    After Forever - Empty Memories (Torn In Two/Eliza)
    Genesis - 2nd Home By The Sea (Return To the Scene/Poole)
    Alice Cooper - Vengeance Is Mine (End This Abomination/Poole)
    DJ53X - The Trap Is Sprung
    Disturbed - Down With The Sickness (Your Dead Old Man/William)
    Ghost - Miasma (Aftermath / Together forever)
    Ghost - Helvetesfonster (Passage Of Time/ Closing Overture)
    DJ53X - In Front Of Jekyll Home (6 years Later)
    DJ53X - Jekyll & Hyde (Eplilog)

    Heavy Metal, hard rock, Soundscapes, Soundtrack, rock opera
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