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    JEKYLL&HYDE: ACT1 "Splitting Differences" by DJ53X
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London 1820's
Dr. Henry Jekyll is struggling in the repressed Victorian English society to find happiness in his life, despite having a beautiful fiancee, Elizabeth along with respect, position, and wealth. He is also secretly homosexual. One of the greatest taboo's of his time. Considered a most brilliant Doctor and scientist Henry decides to apply his knowledge to try and discover a way to by means of drug or perhaps surgery solve his problem. After many near deadly attempts he discovers a serum that in effect splits him into 2 seperate hetrosexual beings. One male and one female. However, there are side effects. His female counter part is not only his opposite sexually but also in personality.He is soft spoken, reserved, empathetic, she is combative, lewd, and promiscuouse. Henry names his "other" self Eliza Hyde.
He begins spending more and more time locked away with Eliza, trying to teach her to calm her nature, but she continuosly escapes into the streets of London to satisfy her urges. All this does not go unnoticed by his life long man servant and protector Poole, who sees how addictive Henry's drug is, and how destructive this Hyde woman is, and soon decides that doing away with both is the only solution to the problem. However, Eliza and Henry have become to grow closer a situation expidited by Eliza's constant attempts to seduce Henry.

    DJ53X - Jekyll & Hyde (Prolog)
    Judas Priest - Jekyll & Hyde (overture-Henry/Poole)
    Black Sabbath - Won't Cry For You (The Suffering of a friend/Poole)
    Alice Cooper - Some Folks (My Dark Problem/Henry)
    Scorpions - No Pain No Gain (Driving to a solution/Henry)
    Tomasayu Hotei - Solution is found
    DJ53X - The 1st Transformation
    In This Moment - Sick Like Me (free at last/Eliza)
    Metric - Between Worlds (Deady discoveries)
    Dead Mau5 -Hey Baby (Out in London/Eliza) -
    DJ53X - Reverting back to normal
    Alice Cooper - Awakening (Blood and confusion/Henry)
    Queen - Say It's Not True ( Please listen to me/Poole-Henry)
    Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Wanna Stop (I am A God/Henry)
    Gothminister - Wish (Inner reflection/Henry-Eliza)
    Five Finger Death Punch - Jekyll & Hyde (Henry)
    In This Moment - Gun Show (Escaped Again/Eliza)
    Epica - Unleashed (We belong to each other/Eliza)
    Adam Lambert - Underneath (I can't go back Poole/Henry)

    Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock, Gothic Rock, Soundscapes, Soundtrack, dj53x, rock opera
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