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    INFINITIES END "ENKI" (Book3, Act16) "THE RAPE OF HUMANITY"320kbit/s

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Fade in: The ruins of Elizabeta castle Draculas old stronghold. Hue (Aniya's father) is searching for some way to defeat Enki. In the distance he can see the countryside in flames, Meanwhile Enki's wrath is merciless killing entire communities with no compassion. Late one night he arrives at Hue and Aniya's home, and in a rare moment of tenderness asks Aniya to be his queen. She refuses and is pressured by the holymen to accept. This enrages her father, so he assemble a group of men and slaughter all of Enki's holy leaders. Enraged Enki destroys all his men, and captures him. He tells Aniya that if she agrees to be his bride her father will be spared, She accepts. Deep in desperation her father tries to raise an army using an old communication device, when suddenly he recieves a message from somewhere out in space.

    0:00   Mick Gordon - eve of the end
    3:00   Disturbed - The Sound of Silence (Hue/what once was)
    7:00   Skindred - Volume (Enki/widespread pain)
    9:00   Skindred - World's On Fire (Enki/You will all burn)
    12:30   Devil You Know - Consume the Damned (Enki/ an ultimatum)
    15:00   Imperia - Silence Is My Friend (Anyia/ No choices)
    19:00   Shinedown - Second Chance (Hue/ The rescue plan)
    22:30   Imperia - Fragile (Aniya/ A servant to hell)
    26:00   Ghost B.C. - He Is (Holy Leaders in Prayer)
    27:30   Black Sabbath - Dear Father (Hue/Confronting the faithful)
    31:30   Kreator - Violent Revolution (Hue/ The Assassination)
    37:00   Skindred - Sound The Siren (Enki/ revenge)
    39:30   Devil You Know - Stay Of Execution (Enki/Hue is released)
    41:30   After Forever - De-Energized (Aniya/ Resigned to my fate)
    45:00   Hans Zimmer/DJ53X - 2nd Transmission
    46:30   Imperia - Raped By The Devil (Aniya/Consumated)
    51:00   Judas Priest - Shadows in the Flame (Hue/ The rescue plan)
    52:00   Hans Zimmer - Fragmented Transmission
    55:00   Imperia - Keep Fighting (The translated message)

    Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, thrash, death metal, Soundscapes, Soundtrack, dj53x
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