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    INFINITY'S END (Book3), ENKI Act17: CRITICAL MASS320kbit/s

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Hue continues to recieve broken messages on his primitive radio but still has no idea who is sending them. He attempts to rally the population to aid him in his fight to get Aniya back and fight ENKI, so he makes a risky move and holds a rally in public, as usual Enki's henchmen show up and put an end to the effort. Meanwhile as enki's captive, Aniya overhears Enki in a conversation with one of the church leaders and not only discovers his only weakness but also the reason he came to Earth. When she confronts him, he flies into a rage, and has her locked away
Meanwhile, the approaching 2nd ship enters orbit around earth and begins to land, as it does Hue finally discovers who is on board.He runs to the landing site telling all he meets who has come, by the time he arrives thousands are there, the ship opens and out walks Mina and Adam. Upon learning of his parents arrival Enki goes into hiding.

    0:00   DJ53X - Prologue
    1:32   DJ53X - Transmissions continue...
    2:14   Stuck Mojo - The Sky Falling (Rally For revolution-Hue)
    6:18   Five Finger Death Punch - Weight Beneath My Sin (a False God-Hue)
    9:49   Imperia - Let Down (Isolation-Aniya)
    13:14   Winter In Eden - Burdened (To my father-Aniya)
    18:05   Delain - My Masquerade (I Know Your Truths-Aniya/ENKI)
    20:57   Skindred - Invincible (You pose no Threat-ENKI)
    24:32   Skindred - You can't Stop It (ENKI)
    28:27   Danny Hate/DJ53X - Into Earth Orbit/My God, It's Her.
    32:00   Ramin Djawadi/DJ53X - Pacific Rim (Touch Down)
    37:23   Delain - I'll Reach You (I Send You My Love-Mina)
    43:28   Edguy - Save Us Now (Deliverance-Hue)
    44:25   Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists (A Father's Rage-Adam)
    47:13   Korn - Hey Daddy (ENKI)
    49:16   Imperia - Away (Plea to Reason-Mina)
    53:16   Kamelot - Rule The World (My right to rule-ENKI)
    57:09   Meditation - The Search

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