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    INFINITY'S END (book3), "ENKI" act21 "EXODUS"320kbit/s

    INFINITY'S END (book3), "ENKI" act21 "EXODUS" by DJ53X
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Damocles and his hoards draw ever nearer eventually surrounding Mina, Enki, and a small number of people they hope to escape with. Enki in one last futile attempt tries to reason with his true father to allow them to leave. His words fall upon deaf ears as Damocles has become consumed with the final triumph of the dark over light, and the realization of his destiny to make hell upon the very face of Earth. Hopelessly outnumbered Mina and Enki watch as the 2000 humans they were trying to save are destroyed one by one, until at last standing among the final corpses of humanity, Mina and her son face Satan (Damocles) himself. Resigned in her heart Mina knows there is no escape...
Enki however sees a different outcome.
(End of Infinities End (book3) ENKI)

    0:00   JVK/DJ53X - Prolog
    2:00   Ozzy Osbourne - Let It Die (This fight ends/Damocles)
    5:30   Judas Priest - Never The Heroes (ENKI)
    10:00   In This Moment - River of Fire (The fight for your souls/Mina)
    12:00   Amaranthe - Countdown (Into the fray/Mina-ENKI)
    15:30   Epica - Tides Of Time (Your betrayal/Mina)
    20:30   In This Moment - Lay Your Gun Down (losing faith/Mina)
    23:30   ELYSION - Killing My Dreams (Do I have The Will?/Mina)
    25:00   Disturbed - No More (Strong Together/ENKI)
    29:00   ELYSION - Breakfree (Trapped/Mina)
    32:30   Kamelot/In This Moment - Survivor/Here's To The Fall (Surrounded/ENKI-Mina)
    36:30   Judas Priest - Spectre (Who my father really is/ENKI)
    41:00   Marilyn Manson - Better Of Two Evils ( Me or Oblivion/Damocles)
    44:30   Venom Inc. - Ave Satanas (The Earth's death sentence/Damocles)
    50:00   Ghost/Judas Priest - Faith/Metal Gods (The Human extinction)
    51:00   Nightwish - Meadows of Heaven (Epitaph for mankind/Mina-ENKI)

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