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    INFINITY'S END "ENKI" (book3, act 15) BIRTHRIGHT320kbit/s

    #5 INFINITY'S END "ENKI" (book3, act 15) BIRTHRIGHT by DJ53X
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It is 9036AD. 6000 years ago Mina and Adam left earth. We fade in as a ship approaches earth, meanwhile a young girl named Aniya has a terrible premonition about it passenger. After the ship lands, the crowd is met by a young handsome man named ENKI, who claims to be the son of earths now beloved gods and saviors Mina and Adam. Aniya however realizes his true mission, and confronts him, Enraged he turns from her and using only his telepathic powers causes 50,000 of the onlookers to drop dead. He then proclaims himself the new living god of earth and mankind. The holy men capitulate and he assumes control.He tries in vain to seduce Aniya into becoming his queen and concubine. But she resists and along with her father attempts to raise an army to destroy him. But his power is too great and each attempt leaves more and more dead.
Fade out as a 2nd ship enters our solar system.

    2:30   Hans Zimmer - Approaching Earth.
    5:00   In This Moment - The Infection (Aniya's Vision)
    6:30   Skindred - Under Attack (The Nightmare/ Enki)
    10:00   Within Temptation - IT'S THE FEAR (Prophecy /Aniya-Father)
    17:00   Sirenia - Darkened Days To Come (The Landing/Aniya-Father)
    21:30   Judas Priest - Hope (I come to thee beloved/ Enki)
    23:30   Sixx:A.M. - Life is Beautiful (The New Gospel of Mina/Enki)
    27:30   After Forever - Who I Am (Confrontation/Aniya)
    30:00   Devil You Know - Let the Pain Take Hold (Death of the 50,000/Enki)
    33:00   Stone Sour - Stalemate (Join me or Die/Enki)
    35:30   Within Temptation - Our Solemn Hour (Aniya)
    40:30   Within Temptation - What Have You Done (Aniya-Father)
    42:00   Disturbed - The Vengeful One (The Wrath of your new God-Enki)
    46:30   Ghost B.C. - Spirit (Capitulation-The Holy men)
    49:00   Stuck Mojo - There's A Miracle Comin' (Blind faith-The holy men)
    50:00   Skindred - Shut Ya Mouth (Death to all who oppose-Enki)
    53:30   Within Temptation - Whole World Is Watching (Aniya-Father)
    57:00   Hans Zimmer - The 2nd ship approaches...

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