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    INFINITY'S END (book3), ENKI act19 "BLOOD FUED"320kbit/s

    #2 INFINITY'S END (book3), ENKI act19 "BLOOD FUED" by DJ53X
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Aniya follows Adam away from the ship after he finds out Mina's secret, and seduces him. While they are making love Mina who has also followed them see's them in the act. All feeling and emotion torn from her heart she returns to the ship and begins to assemble a force to launch an attack on Enki, but before they can begin Damocles launches a counter attack, killing Aniya's father Hue. Aniya sensing her fathers demise arrives back at the ship we she and Adam are confronted b Mina about their betrayal. Damocles launches a 2nd attack followed up by Enki and his army. Mina goes out to meet him, and pleads with him to stop, to remember the childhood he had. He pauses considering her offer when Adam grabs him from behind as he bigins to kill Enki another squadron of his death ships flies overhead, and leaves the area of the ship and surrounding city in flames. No sign of life remains.

    DJ53X - PROLOG
    DELAIN - SING TO ME (Drawn to you-Aniya)
    DELAIN - GET THE DEVIL OUTTA ME (The seduction-Aniya)
    WWIII - END DAYS (A Vision of things to come-Damocles)
    NIGHTWISH - WHISHMASTER (See reason my son- Mina)
    NIGHTWISH - KINSLAYER (Betrayed- Mina/Adam)
    JUDAS PRIEST - DEMONIZER (The Attack to Commence-ENKI)
    DISTURBED - WHO TAUGHT YOU TO HATE? (Pleading with my Father-ENKI)
    WITHIN TEMPTATION - THE CROSS (Fight With me-Mina)
    SLAYER - BLOODLINE (Death in the family-Damocles)
    IN THIS MOMENT - STANDING ALONE (Act of last resort-Mina)
    NIGHTWISH - GETHSEMANE (To Stand again with my son-Mina)
    NIGHTWISH - DEAD BOY's POEM (Remember- Mina/Young ENKI)
    JUDAS PRIEST - PEACE (Bound by love and Alliance/ENKI)
    VENOM - BLOOD SKY (Devistated by blood and fire/Damocles)

    Heavy Metal, soundtrack, soundscapes, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock
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