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    #5 DEEP DEVOTION -  ACT2 - "The Storm" by DJ53X
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ACT 2: "The Storm"
As the storm hit Pearl Rita rode out the storm in the House with her father, her new friend The Creature instinctively headed to deeper water. The storm raged unabated all the next day deep into the night. Initally Pearl and most of its towns people were spared, Rita's home on the cove however was completely destroyed and sadly her father killed. Confused, exauhsted, and devistated Rita could think of nothing to do besides sit on the beach and wait for the creatures return. Back then unlike now it took days sometimes weeks for help to arrive at devistated communities. And Pearl because of its remote location would be on its own for some time. Those who did show up in those first few days were not all there to assist. Many came to steal, rape, kill, and take advantage. So it was with 3 men who happened upon Rita's smashed home, the three began watching the pretty young girl to make sure she was alone and unprotected. The creature fighting the still strong erratic currents was making his way back to her.

RITA: Sarah Brightman, Tarja Turunen, Sharon Denadel, Anette Olzon
THE 3 Strangers: Pink Floyd, Ghost AD
(Story, Adaptation, Concept, Programming, Mix, Production: DJ53x)

    0:01   DJ53X - Prolog-Overture "The Storm"
    4:08   Soul Extract - Project Terra form ("The Storm Overture")
    10:25   Gary Newman - Dark (Going back to Rita/The Creature)
    12:05   Gary Newman - Everything Comes Down To This ( Bad Premonitions/The Creature)
    13:21   Within Temptation - Loss Of My Father (Rita)
    14:26   Within Temptation - Stairway To The Skies (Alone/Rita)
    17:48   Within Temptation - Somewhere (Holding Vigil On The Shore/Rita)
    23:29   Gary Newman - I Am Dust (The long way back/The Creature)
    27:13   Sarah Brightman - You (Birth of a true devotion/Rita)
    30:53   Sarah Brightman - On A Day Like This (We are all I have now/Rita)
    36:51   Gary Newman - Slave (A new Emotion for me/The Creature)
    42:22   Ghost - Life Eternal (A Treasure on The Beach/ Stranger 1)
    44:10   Pink Floyd - One Of The Few (A Violent Desire/Stranger 3)
    45:32   Sebastian Komor - Closing In On You (The Strangers)
    47:41   Nighwish - Meadows Of Heaven (Remembering Daddy/Rita)
    52:47   Gary Newman - Not The Love We dream Of (The Creature)
    57:49   Pink Floyd - One Of The Few (Stranger 3 and Stranger 2)
    58:28   Kosmas Lapatas - Deep Devotion Overture

    Soundtrack, Soundscapes, rock opera, opera, Symphonic Metal, Heavy Metal, Gothic Rock, electronic, Industrial, Symphonic rock, creature from the black lagoon, original story, romance, Sci-Fi, Science Fiction, rock
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