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    JVK: BEHOLDER'S EYE (w/Track Commentary)320kbit/s

    #1 JVK: BEHOLDER'S EYE (w/Track Commentary) by DJ53X

Thought maybe Id try something a little different with this CD and present it to you with commentary on each track. The conditions that we wroked under, the gear, some amusing stories. In addition it gives me the opportunity to give the people who worked with me a much deserved shout out. I have also included the title track from my next CD "LESS THAN PERFECT" due to drop sometime in March!
you can purchase BEHOLDER"S EYE here: reverbnation.com/5120009/album/219377

    0:00   Glenn Miller/DJ53X - PS Intro
    7:00   JVK - War In The Land Of Make Believe
    14:09   JVK - Beholder's Eye (2018 remaster)
    25:24   JVK - Blue In The Face (Over You)
    34:12   JVK - Gaslight Jamm
    42:06   JVK - Nothing Like Forever (Emily's Song)
    48:27   JVK - 2 Before Bedtime
    55:03   JVK - Confused
    1:03:00   JVK - The Person Inside
    1:08:54   JVK - Soul Access
    1:17:19   JVK - Power (The Fearless)
    1:24:07   JVK - You Wouldn't Believe
    1:28:15   JVK - Less Than Perfect (bonus track)

    Rock, Hard Rock, Acoustic rock, Blues Rock, Blues
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