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    INFINITIES END (book2, act 14) ESCAPE FROM UTOPIA320kbit/s

    #3 INFINITIES END (book2, act 14) ESCAPE FROM UTOPIA by DJ53X
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As Mina and Adam make gains in Frankenstein's research and the operation of the ship. The Banished general TYR makes another attempt to take power. This time attempting to assasinate Mina. After the attempt is foiled he is executed along with his followers. Mina and Adam are now positive they must flee Earth if it is ever to know peace again, in this world they realize there is no place for 2 immortal beings. Especially when they are worshipped more as Gods with every passing day.
Shortly before they plan to depart, Damocles tries to appeal to them to stay, as he has grown so weak he is little more than a shadow. He claims that good cannot exsist without evil, and that should he cease to exsist, something will eventually come to replace him, if they remain he claims they togther will keep the balance on Earth and mankind. Still they refuse.
One evening they make their way to the ship, as she begins to board, for the first time in 1800 years Mina's heart begins to beat once again, the thirst is gone, the cycle of the vampire is now complete. She is at last human, immortal, and at peace. Hundreds of thousands watched in amazed sorrow as the ship breaks free from the ground, and rises into the night sky. Mina and Adam are never seen again. Mankind at last is free from evil, hunger, and war. He has at last been allowed back to Eden.

    0:00   DJ53X/City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra - TIME MACHINE-Prolog
    2:30   Nightwish - Arabesque (Main Overture)
    5:00   Epica - The Essence of Silence (Mina/Adam - cannot remain)
    10:00   Kamelot - Citizen Zero (Tyr-The Plot)
    15:00   Epica - Our Destiny (Mina-Our Bond)
    18:00   Audioslave - I Am the Highway (Adam-forever by your side)
    23:00   Rev Theory - Wicked Wonderland (Tyr-My new world)
    25:30   Excision - Sexism (Insurrection)
    29:00   Nightwish - Nemo (Mina)
    34:30   Eisbrecher - Himmel, Arsch und Zwirn (Adam-The hunt for Tyr)
    37:30   Red - Faceless (Tyr-we the fallen)
    40:30   Disturbed - Conflict (Adam - The trial & execution)
    43:30   Delain - We Are The Others (Mina-Equals all)
    46:30   Sirenia - The Twilight In Your Eyes (Mina)
    48:30   Nightwish - Bye Bye Beautiful (Mina/Adam-Escape plan)
    51:30   Rush - Second Nature (Adam-The future that can be)
    57:00   Delain - Get The Devil Out Of Me (Mina-I cannot remain)
    1:00:00   Sirenia - Fading Star (Mina)
    1:03:00   Sarah Brightman - I Will Be With You (Mina/Adam-our devotion)
    1:08:00   David Draiman - Forsaken (Damocles-final plea)
    1:10:30   Dope Stars Inc. - Can You Imagine (Adam)
    1:12:00   Delain - Stardust (Mina-My heart Beats Again)
    1:13:00   Nightwish - Imaginarium (Final Overture)
    1:16:30   Nightwish - Song Of Myself (Mina/Mina's Family-all my memories)
    1:19:30   Nero/DJ53X - Departure (Escape from Utopia)
    1:29:00   Tarja - Into The Sun(Mina-my vision of the future)
    1:32:00   DJ53X - Epilog (End of Book2)

    Heavy Metal, soundscape, Soundtrack, symphonic metal, rock opera
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