This is the "COMPLETE" production/recording of my DEEP DEVOTION project. It includes Acts 1, 2, & 3. For other details reguarding this set please see the individual act pages.
This story serves as a prequel or a source story to the original 1950's film "Creature From The Black Lagoon". Story, concept, adaptation, Production, Mix, Program, & Sound design: DJ53X
The Creature: The voice and music of Mr. Gary Newman
Rita: The Amazing music and vocal talents of: Sarah Brightman, Tarja Turunen, Sharon Denadel, Anette Olzon & Maria Brink
The Strangers: Pink Floyd

    DJ53X - Prolog "I have a story to tell"
    DJ53x - Deep Devotion (Overture PT1)
    Nightwish - Moondance (Overture PT2)
    Nightwish - Swanheart (Ritas theme/Rita)
    Sarah Brightman - Sky & Sand (My private world/Rita)
    Gary Newman - Who are you? (A strange creature/The Creature)
    Gary Newman - I can't Breathe (Cautious Curiosity / The Creature)
    Within Temptation - Memories (The Voice in my head/Rita)
    Judas Priest - Solitude (a common bond in loneliness)
    Tarja - An Empty Dream (Tales of another reality/Rita)
    ReVamp - I Lost Myself (Not alone anymore/Rita)
    Sarah Brightman - Let It Rain (A kind of happiness/Rita)
    Gary Newman - The Calling (New Hope/The Creature)
    Gary Newman - Where I Can Never Be (An end to my searching/The Creature)
    Nighwish - The Islander (A song of Pearl/ Rita & Her father))
    DJ53X - Closing Overture (Prelude to the storm)
    DJ53X - Prolog-Overture "The Storm"
    Soul Extract - Project Terra form ("The Storm Overture")
    Gary Newman - Dark (Going back to Rita/The Creature)
    Gary Newman - Everything Comes Down To This ( Bad Premonitions/The Creature)
    Within Temptation - Loss Of My Father (Rita)
    Within Temptation - Stairway To The Skies (Alone/Rita)
    Within Temptation - Somewhere (Holding Vigil On The Shore/Rita)
    Gary Newman - I Am Dust (The long way back/The Creature)
    Sarah Brightman - You (Birth of a true devotion/Rita)
    Sarah Brightman - On A Day Like This (We are all I have now/Rita)
    Gary Newman - Slave (A new Emotion for me/The Creature)
    Ghost - Life Eternal (A Treasure on The Beach/ Stranger 1)
    Pink Floyd - One Of The Few (A Violent Desire/Stranger 3)
    Sebastian Komor - Closing In On You (The Strangers)
    Nighwish - Meadows Of Heaven (Remembering Daddy/Rita)
    Gary Newman - Not The Love We dream Of (The Creature)
    Pink Floyd - One Of The Few (Stranger 3 and Stranger 2)
    Kosmas Lapatas - Deep Devotion Overture
    DJ53X/Kosmas LapatasX - Prolog: The Abyss
    Pink Floyd/DJ53X - Sorrow (The Assault/ Strangers 1&3/Rita)
    In This Moment - Star Crossed Wasteland (My last thoughts/Rita)
    Within Temptation - Rita's Theme "reprise"(Rita)
    Gary Newman - I Am Ruin (Discovery and rage/The Creature/Rita)
    Gray Newman - Broken (Revenge for my Beloved/The Creature)
    Gray Newman - Everything Comes Down To This (They will all pay/The Creature)
    Nightwish - Swan Heart (Carried Beneath The Waves/Rita)
    Gary Newman - I Am Ruin (The Ends Beginning to war/The Creature)
    Gary Newman - The Unforgiven (The End of Pearl/The Creature)
    DJ53X - The Massacre
    Zardonic - Pure Power (A town sent to oblivion/ Stranger 2"Grandfather")
    Gary Newman/DJ53X - My Name Is Ruin (No Survivors/The Creature)
    Gary Newman - For The Rest Of My Life (Alone Again/The Creature)
    Nightwish - Meadows Of Heaven (I will never leave you/ Rita/Rita's Mother/Rita's Father)
    DJ53X - Epilogue
    Kosmas Lapatas - Deep Devotion Finale

    Heavy Metal, soundscape, Gothic Rock, Alternative Rock, electronica, rock opera, Opera Rock, Gothic, romance, creature from the black lagoon, dj53x
    • Type: DJ-Set
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