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1 Spaceship (Original Mix) by Arbe & Dann
2 Arief Pres Solstice - Lost In Time (Original Mix)(Original Mix) by Arief Pres Solstic
3 Signals (Extended Mix) by Chris Schweizer & Indecent Noise
4 Cold Stone - Cicada (Extended Mix) by Cold Stone
5 Daniel Van Sand & Nina Sung - Slipping Within (Turn Remix) by Daniel Van Sand & Nina Sung
6 Dennis Graft - Manipura (Extended Mix) by Dennis Graft
7 Star Trap(Original Mix) by Dj Wayne
8 Hayjess 2018 (138 Bpm Rework) by Frenckel
9 Eridium (Original Mix) by JayB
10 Choice of the Angels by John O'Callaghan
11 Pursuit (Extended) by Jordan Suckley & Sam Jones
12 Kash Mihra - Identity (Original Mix) by Kash Mihra
13 Kiran M Sajeev - Amarantine (Extended Mix) by Kiran M Sajeev
14 LightControl & Nabil MJ - Underworld (Extended Mix) by LightControl & Nabil MJ
15 Reasons (Original Mix) by Mariano Elnen
16 Virus (Original Mix) by Michael Kaelios
17 Stuff of Life (Original Mix) by Mike Vit
18 Cute (Original Mix) by Mohammad Riahi
19 Nitrous Oxide & Sarah Lynn - Clear As The Sky (Extended Mix) by Nitrous Oxide & Sarah Lynn
20 Enlightened (Original Mix) by Novan Aery
21 Pierre Pienaar - Siren (Extended Mix) by Pierre Pienaar
22 Rohan Murphy - Thunderstorm_ (Original Mix) by Rohan Murphy
23 Awakening (Original Mix) by Sneijder
24 Astro (Original Mix) by Syntouch & Laucco
25 The Enturance & Exouler - Ceres (Extended Mix) by The Enturance & Exouler
26 Revival by Twin View
27 Crystal Planet (Original Mix) by Victor Special and Air Project
28 The Day That Never Comes (Original Mix) by Vindicator, THE MECHANIC
29 Echoes (Original Mix) by W!SS, Seif & Paula
30 Warrior (Mark Sherry Extended Remix) by (Mark Sherry Extended Remix)

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    Trance, Uplifting Trance, Big room
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 137 bpm
    • Key: Cm
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