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Update 2019: I haven't posted anything in a while. I've been busy with life and looking around for new music. Well not new music, but music that I love and fitting it in to mixes that exist. I'm going through and updating a lot of my old mixes on here. As I listen to these I start to think "do you know what would sound good here? <insert song> oh and while I'm thinking of that song <insert song> would go good with that, etc". Then, I go in and re-mix with that song and some others. If you find your favorite mix missing, look for an updated one.

Old school DJ. Used to spin a lot in high school back in the late 80's for parties and dances. Lost touch with it as life happened. Now getting back into it with digital hardware and software. I don't really do anything fancy, just try to smoothly blend my favorite tunes. I also believe in paying tribute to the artists by letting most songs play through and not cut them up after a few measures or verses. If you are looking for fast cuts, effects, tons of scratching, etc....I am not the DJ for you to listen to.

I specialize in old school, hip hop, funk, pop, R&B, throwbacks, etc. I dabble in techno, dub, trapp, and house. I really don't like a lot of the new "rap", mumble rap, banger stuff, but will mix it upon request

I'll try to release new mixes every few weeks as I get them done.

    Techno, House, Rave, 90s Techno
    • Type: Mix
    • 131 bpm
    • Key: Am
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