Drunkin Mix .......

Yo Yo Yo...... Plain and simple with this one folks!!
Wanted to throw some tracks together, to get your subwoofers movin!! Plain and simple - Bass for your arse!

This one we start off with our good friend from South Florida - Vortex :) Big shout out to you brutha, for that bangin new track "Spacer Woman" . Dope stuff bro! Then we play around with some electro and breaks throughout,,,, Hell I even play with some old school Vicious Bass, and Magic Mike, thanks to Rick Ferrell AKA CARBON :) Thanks for the ideas bro !!

Several new tracks in here to so I hope you enjoy the tunes.
Thanks for listening, and please like, comment, repost, etc.... All is appreciated !!!

    23:00   Scott Weiser; Todd Walker; Otto von Schirach - Supermeng 3 (Jackal And Hyde Vs. Otto Von Schirach)

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