Hello Everyone,

This is the 5th episode of Season 2 of Creativity on-the-fly.
This mix was made a few days ago, and currently its quite the tropical temperatures in the Netherlands
and it's estimated to last for sure another week at least.

It is HOT as fuck!
I like it personally a little less hot. but regardless can't complain. i'll spend most my time at the pool and my computer room that has some pretty good Air conditioning system haha.

Anyways i hope you all are doing wonderful, and that the 2nd wave of Corona hasn't hit any of you or your family.
Enjoy the mix, let me know what you think.

Take care, and Stay Safe!


  1. Geck-O - Soul Train (2020 Remastered)
  2. Geck-O - Acid Impressions (DJ Thera Hard-Trance Remix)
  3. DJ Thera - The Paranormal (Ephoric Remix)
  4. DJ Thera - Lightsaber (Geck-O Remix)
  5. J-Trax - Can't Go Home
  6. Concept Art - The Other Side
  7. Attila Syah & Christina Novelli - This is The Sound (Narcyz Remix)
  8. Phandelic & Electrobrave - The Atmosphere
  9. The Void - Sundown
  10. Solstice - Tears in Rain
  11. Firelite - Anywhere
  12. Lost Identity - Addicted
  13. The Saraphim - Give Me A Sign
  14. Horyzon - To The Stars
  15. B-Front & Adrenalize - Above Heaven
  16. Devin Wild Ft. Atilax - Everlasting 2020
  17. Degos & Re-Done - Take Me Back
  18. Sub Zero Project - The Silence (Of My Sins)
  19. Dawnfire - Be Alright
  20. Artifact - Street Fight
  21. Udex - Darkest Days
  22. Ephesto - Spicy Bits
  23. Tomahawkz - Chasing Stars
  24. Damian Ray & Alee - I'm A Rebel
  25. Crypsis - In The Jungle
  26. E-Force & Digital Punk - My God (Kronos Remix)
  27. Jesse Jax - Panzerfaust
  28. Kamikaze - Overload
  29. Vyral - Into The Unknown
  30. DJ Thera - Exploration (Valido Remix)
  31. Required - Defining Future
  32. Cryex - Buried Alive
  33. Scarra - Summer
  34. DJ Thera - All Night Klaplong (OMNI Remix)
  35. Sickmode - Audio Damage
  36. Rooler - Discotek
  37. Sickmode - RIP Summer 2K20
  38. Rooler - The Rules (Live Edit)
  39. Rooler - Brain Dead
  40. Chris One - Stay
  41. Creeds - Ghetto Bounce
  42. Nightshift - Bullet
  43. Audiofreq - Lose Control 5.0
  44. WhyNot - Drug Addiction
  45. Broken Minds - Humanity
  46. Frontliner - Lovesong
  47. RoughSketch - Media Lynch
  48. Unit - Harder & Faster
  49. Restrained & GridKiller - God's Mercy
  50. Furyan - The Thousand Yard Stare
  51. Detest - My Art is Destruction
  52. Jkll Ft. Starx - Picante
  53. Captain Core & MC Prime - Lift Off
  54. D-Frek & Dr. Peacock - Herr Mannelig
  55. Tanukichi - Bass Fxxkers
  56. Rebel Girls - Back Girls
  57. Remzcore - Warrior
  58. WhyNot - N4STY
  59. Malice - Annihilation (Aggressive Act Remix)
  60. Monkey Bizness Ft. Andy The Core - Harder Things
    Geck-O, Soul Train, 2020 Remastered, Acid Impressions, DJ Thera, DJ Thera Hard-Trance Remix, The Paranormal, Ephoric, Ephoric Remix, Lightsaber, Geck-O Remix, J-Trax, Can't Go Home, Concept Art, The Other Side, Attila Syah, Christina Novelli, This is The Sound, Narcyz, Narcyz Remix, Attila Syah & Christina Novelli, Phandelic, Electrobrave, Phandelic & Electrobrave, The Atmosphere, The Void, Sundown, Solstice, Tears in Rain, Firelite, Anywhere, Lost Identity, Addicted, The Saraphim, Give Me A Sign, Horyzon, To The Stars, B-Front, Adrenalize, B-Front & Adrenalize, Above Heaven, Devin Wild, Atilax, Devin Wild Ft. Atilax, Everlasting 2020, Degos & Re-Done, Take Me Back, Sub Zero Project, The Silence (Of My Sins), Dawnfire, Be Alright, Artifact, Street Fight, Udex, Darkest Days, Ephesto, Spicy Bits, Tomahawkz, Tomehawkz, Chasing Stars, Damian Ray, Alee, MC Alee, Damian Ray & Alee, I'm A Rebel, Crypsis, In The Jungle, E-Force, Digital Punk, E-Force & Digital Punk, My God, Kronos, Kronos Remix, Jesse Jax, Panzerfaust, Kamikaze, Overload, Vyral, Into The Unknown, Exploration, Valido, Valido Remix, Required, Defining Future, Cryex, Buried Alive, Scarra, Summer, All Night Klaplong, OMNI, OMNI Remix, Sickmode, Audio Damage, Rooler, Discotek, RIP Summer 2K20, The Rules, Live Edit, Brain Dead, Chris One, Stay, Creeds, Ghetto Bounce, Nightshift, Bullet, Audiofreq, Lose Control 5.0, WhyNot, Drug Addiction, Broken Minds, Humanity, Frontliner, Lovesong, Roughsketch, Media Lynch, Unit, Harder & Faster, Restrained, GridKiller, Restrained & GridKiller, God's Mercy, Furyan, The Thousand Yard Stare, Detest, My Art is Destruction, Jkll, Starx, Jkll Ft. Starx, Picante, Captain Core, MC Prime, Captain Core & MC Prime, Lift Off, D-Frek, Dr. Peacock, D-Frek & Dr. Peacock, Herr Mannelig, Tanukichi & E-Coli, Bass Fxxkers, Rebel Girls, Back Girls, Remzcore, Warrior, N4STY, Malice, TheAnnihilationProject, Agrressive Act, Aggressive Act Remix, Monkey Bizness, Andy The Core, Monkey Bizness Ft. Andy The Core, Harder Things
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