dj E 4 Energy - Wanna Play House 1998 (mix 2) Club House & Speed Garage Live Vinyl Mix.

Part 2 of a live vinyl mix i made in 1998 when i was resident dj at club Scala in Utrecht.
You will hear Classic Club House and Speed Garage in this mix.
Because it is mixed using vinyl records you'll also hear some pops , clicks and crackles , but that's how it is with vinyl records :)
i hope you will enjoy these classic 90's tracks as much as i did hearing them again.
Play the music loud , smile and keep on dancing :) But please do not forget 2 comment , like or repost , THANKS !

Erik , dj E 4 Energy.

Peace , Love & Music.

Tracklist :

  1. To The Funky by Funkasize
  2. High Noon (part 1) by Serious Danger
  3. Your Mind (Klubbheads speedgarage mix) by The Morphanage
  4. Stamp Your Feet by d.j. Disco
  5. Feel So Good by Brainbashers
  6. Kickin' Hard (Klubbheads euro dub) by Klubbheads
  7. Underground (machine mix) by Markee
  8. The Show (empire mix) by Gyskard

Mix 1 of this Wanna Play House mix is also uploaded on my Hear This Page.

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    0:00   Funkasize - To The Funky
    6:48   Serious Danger - High Noon (part 1)
    12:30   The Morphanage - Your Mind (Klubbheads speed garage mix)
    16:42   d.j. Disco - Stamp Your Feet
    21:42   Brainbashers - Feel So Good
    27:26   Klubbheads - Kickin' Hard (Klubbheads euro dub)
    31:56   Markee - Underground (machine mix)
    36:15   Gyskard - The Show (empire mix)

    House, Speed Garage, House Classics, 90's, Club House, Oldschool, Old School, Oldskool, Old Skool, Live Mix, Vinyl Mix, Vinyl Only, House, DJ Mix
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