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    Very rare titles but mega club sound. Nice surprise again... Melodies and beats for my ears.
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dj E 4 Energy - Space Man (Live Vinyl Trance Mix)

This is a recording of a Live Energy Trance mix i made playing my vinyl , i think it was in 2007.
Because it was vinyl you will hear some pops , clicks and crackles , but that's how it is with vinyl records :)
Anyway , i hope you will enjoy my mix.
Listens , Likes , Comments and Reposts are of course very welcome. Thanks !
Play it loud , smile and keep on dancing :)

Erik , dj E 4 Energy.

Peace , Love & Music.

Tracklist :

  1. Azure (original mix) by Neo & Farina
  2. Rolling Thunder by Re:Locate
  3. Mary Go W!ld! (Ron Van Den Beuken remix) by Grooveyard
  4. Samurai (Assure remix) by Arizona vs. Suzy Solar
  5. Sadness (dub mix non vocal) by G Spott
  6. Prison Break by Orjan
  7. Summer Toast (club edit) by Maurigio
  8. Rush Hour by Octagen & M.I.D.O.R,
  9. Wicked Waves (T4l remix) by dj Jurgen
  10. Humble Chaos by Voluminous

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    0:00   Neo & Farina - Azure (original mix)
    8:10   Re Locate - Rolling Thunder
    14:55   Grooveyard - Mary Go W!ld! (Ron Van Den Beuken remix)
    21:09   Arizona vs. Suzy Solar - Samurai (Assure remix)
    27:11   G Spott - Sadness (dub mix non vocal)
    31:30   Orjan - Prison Break
    38:33   Maurigio - Summer Toast (club edit)
    43:09   Octagen & M.I.D.O.R. - Rush Hour
    47:40   dj Jurgen - Wicked Waves (T4l remix)
    53:22   Voluminous - Humble Chaos

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