dj E 4 Energy - Night and Day (disc 1 mix 1 Club House , Speed Garage & Trance Live Vinyl Mix) 1998.

This is part of a Live Vinyl Mix i made in 1998 when i was resident dj at Club Scala in Utrecht.
You will hear Classic Club Trance , Speed Garage and House music in this mix.
Because it was all vinyl you will also hear some pops , clicks and crackles , but that's how it is with vinyl records :)
Anyway , i hope you will enjoy these classic tracks and my mix.
Listens , Likes and Comments are of course very welcome. Thanks !
Have fun listening , play the music loud , smile and keep on dancing :)
Erik , dj E 4 Energy.

Peace , Love & Music.

Tracklist :

  1. My House (dub) by Conga Squad
  2. Nothing Yet by Fierce Ruling Diva
  3. Getto House Groove by Armand van Helden & the Horse
  4. Feel it (original version) by The Temperer ft. Maya
  5. Tormention (original Luvdub) by Peach vs. Colucci ft. irena
  6. 24 Hours by Danski & dj Delmundo pres. dj Survivalkit
  7. Slam Dunk Da Funk by Candy

Disc 1 mix 2 and disc 2 mix 1 & 2 of Night and Day are also uploaded on my Hear This page.

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    0:00   1. Conga Squad - My House (dub)
    3:10   2. Fierce Ruling Diva - Nothing Yet
    8:53   3. Armand van Helden & The Horse - Getto House Groove
    12:06   4. The Temperer ft. Maya - Feel it (original version)
    15:16   5. Peach vs. Colucci ft. irena - Tormention (original Luvdub)
    20:48   6. Danski & dj Delmundo pres. dj Survivalkit - 24 Hours
    26:47   7. Candy - Slam Dunk Da Funk

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