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I try to live in the present and not think about what was once ... because in life only the moments and days that we do not know are important. However, I am careful, if I do not "do not feel", I do not get involved-I keep my distance. If, however, I promise something, I try to keep my word. I appreciate very honesty - even "that to my pain". I like to laugh because life is worth it, I do not like when I have to pretend that it would be easier for others. And the future ??? The future is a mystery to me because I am very mysterious myself. When you look at me you see only the body, my mind. My thoughts are still locked in an inaccessible closet ... Do you want a key? Be inventive. Meet me but do not judge, just try to understand :)) In life there is no such moment that we do not have everything we need to feel happy.

    • 127 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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