I'll be honest, a fair portion of this one is presets. Either that, or the work of whoever owned my EMX-1 before me. I only wish i could program beats like this! What i have done though, is rewrite the bass, change almost all of the ambient sounds and patterns, take out a few of the ghost notes and layered snares where it got far too busy, and i've jammed the whole thing live, adding a few more random snare fills on the fly. Plus (of course) along the way i've added a couple of cartoon samples on my beloved SP-808. The only other kit used was a Korg Kaoss Quad for a bit of reverb.
100% live and DAW-less on my Korg EMX-1 and Roland SP-808 from start to finish. No edits, overdubs, punch in // out, post-production, EQing or whatever at all. And (amazingly enough) this was only take 2. Actually, only take 1 if you count with the soundbites added.

    drill and bass, live (with Presets)
    • Type: Live
    • 176 bpm
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