As usual with all my recent ''mixes'', these are mostly pretty well known classics of pop, punk, rock, hip-hop, indie, dance music etc. However, i did throw in a couple of more obscure remixes and electronica in here, and then (like the twat i am) i went and lost the track list. So here's the obvious stuff listed, with a couple of gaps. What is different about this though, is that (for the most part), it is actually mixed!

01: P.I.L. - ''Rise''
02: The Young Gods - ''Skinflower''
03: (A quick sample of) Britney Spears - ''Hit Me Baby One More Time''
04: Marilyn Manson -''I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)''
05: N.W.A. - ''Straight Outta Compton''
06: Beck - ''Loser''
07: Bloodhound Gang - ''The Inevitable Return Of The Great White Dope''
08: How To Destroy Angels - ''Big, Black, Boots''
09: Killing Joke - ''Requiem''
10: Cypress Hill - ''Insane In The Brain''
11: Bentley Rhythm Ace - ''Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out''
12: The Chemical Brothers - ''Block Rockin Beats''
13: Depeche Mode - ''Enjoy The Silence'' (Remix)
14: Grandmaster Flash - ''White Lines''
15: Blur - ''Girls And Boys''
16: ?
17: Meat Beat Manifesto
18: Front 242 - ''Headhunter''
19: Bush - (Remix)
20: (Short section of) Front Line Assembly - ''The Blade''
21: ?

    Various Genres, Catchy Tunes!, Punk, Pop, E.B.M., Industrial, Hip-Hop, Indie, Rock, Metal
    • Type: Mix
    • Sheffield, United Kingdom
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