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0:00:00—"It's Hard to Take" by The Front (1983)
0:04:39—"Hard Bargain" by Prodigal (1982)
0:11:28—"What's It Gonna Take" by The Archers (1984)
0:15:44—"Mystery" by Sheila Walsh (1983)
0:19:03—"Powder Room Politics" by Leslie Phillips (1984)
0:21:30—"Round and Round" by Reigh Giglio (1989)
0:30:04—"Ferguson's Mule" by Rev Counta and the Speedoze (1980)
0:33:39—"Isaiah: 36" by The Lifesavors (1981)
0:35:21—"Bandage" (Live) by 35 Little Ducks in a Basket (1990)
0:39:21—"Rock Apocalypse" by The Cynics (1980)
0:42:01—"You Are My Love" by Malcolm and the Mirrors (1982)
0:49:27—"Snowball" by The Swirling Eddies (1988)
0:53:36—"It's No Surprise" by Charlie Peacock (1986)
0:57:51—"Laugh Loop" by The Choir (1990)
0:59:31—"In a New World of Time" by Adam Again (1986)
1:07:16—"Baby Left Me" by The Lifters (1983)


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