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0:00:00β€”"Running from the Light" by Vector (1983)
0:05:50β€”"OK" by Weber and the Buzztones (1984)
0:09:37β€”"Paradoxical Faith" by The Imitators (1984)
0:15:07β€”"Release Me" by CrumbΓ€cher (1988)
0:19:42β€”"Is Anyone Thirsty?" by Undercover (1984)
0:26:18β€”"Water of Life" by Quickflight (1983)
0:30:53β€”"Something's Holding On" by The 77s (1984)
0:34:04β€”"Slippin' and Slidin'" by Moral Support (1981)
0:37:32β€”"Cure for Death" by What of the Night (1979)
0:41:18β€”"Sin for a Season" by Steve Taylor (1984)
0:50:19β€”"A Briefing for the Ascent" by Terry Scott Taylor (1987)
0:54:13β€”"Light Princess" (Edit) by Terry Scott Taylor (1986)
0:57:22β€”"As Long as I Live" by Daniel Amos (1978)
1:00:31β€”"Memory Lane" by Daniel Amos (1983)
1:04:17β€”"The Shape of Air" by Daniel Amos (1987)
Full tracklist: differenthead.com/post/1895373...3233/volume-129

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