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0:00:00β€”"I Wish I Was Lonely" by The #1s (2014)
0:04:04β€”"F-Boy F-Girl" by Fangs on Fur (2009)
0:05:33β€”"En el Fuego de Tus Ojos" by Fangs on Fur (2009)
0:08:37β€”"Snake" by Fangs on Fur (2009)
0:12:46β€”"Charms" by Γ–tzi (2019)
0:18:52—"Glimmer og Aska" by Kælan Mikla (2016)
0:25:47β€”"Insensitive" by Ash Code (2016)
0:29:13β€”"Over" by Azar Swan (2013)
0:33:09β€”"Prolly for the Best" by Palberta (2015)
0:43:09β€”"Runaway Strays" by Spud Cannon (2018)
0:45:37β€”"A Wolf" by Teen Body (2016)
0:48:57β€”"Trop Tard" by MUNYA (2018)
0:52:48β€”"You Win" by Blush (2017)
1:01:56β€”"Russian" by ATOM (2019)
1:06:54β€”"Foundation" by Public Practice (2018)
1:10:31β€”"I Think I'm in Love" by Pip Blom (2017)
1:12:50β€”"Blood Moon" by Choir Boy (2016)
1:18:13β€”"Nada Sigue Igual" by CariΓ±o (2018)
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