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(Parental advisory: explicit darkness. If you're looking for an instantly happy hands-in-air club techno dj set you might have to look further...)

This mix:
Inspired by a night in Italy last holiday. I slept outside under palmtrees the moon and stars. Half delirium because of Italian beer wine prosecco hugo aperol spritz......

You try to sleep but you become aware of the noise of insects creeping up around you. You freak out because it seems as if they come closer with every breath you take. They're coming to eat you.

But they won't.

It's just you focusing on the sounds more and more and so it seems they come closer. You'll get suck in. Start to recognise patterns, loving the almost outlandish sounds of nature.

What first seems to be uncomfortable slowly evolves into you becoming one with the creepy mantra and you'll start marching with the crickets and creatures of the night. You'll be upfront on the barricades taking over the world.

The journey might lead to that drunk moment of contemplation and transition.

So yeah this mix starts off with a long earworm of creepy nightly sounds slowly building up and taking over and sucking you into an almost psychedelic tunnel before (well, hopefully) bringing you light, inspiration, strength.

Challenging the mind, soothing the soul, pleasing the body with that irresistible technogroove.

(the mix is not perfectly smooth tight, and bit messy on EQ. It's the best i can do at the moment and i can only hope you'll like it. If you hate it i can fully understand that.)

    8:40   The Cartridge Family - Courtesy Car

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