There is so much incredible techno being released at the moment, it´s an extra pleasure to be doing these shows. The energy and ingenuity in the sounds are really impressive, and I hope it lasts for a long time. The first 20 minutes of episode 58 features a lot of heavy analog sounding techno, followed by a mixture of experimental type sounds, and the end of the show brings quite a lot of industrial sounding warehouse noise. The tracklist is below, so check out the artists if you like the sounds, as I´m only compiling this filth from the sewers of the underground.

Eloim - Everything is Drone
Pushmann - 10x
DK-7 - Chaos Theory
Osiris Project - VoxBox
Tunnel - Strangers & Lovers - Perkussus Remix
vallas Martins - V2605 - Maxx Rossi Remix
Trust the Machine - Sweatbox
Marcel Locust - Don´t Touch Me
Ethan Fawkes - Future Oldschool
Drvg Cvltvre - Don´t give a fuck
Accent B vs. Florian Briedenbach - Fisher
Aemris - Troath - Scenedrone Remix
Diarmaid O Meara - March
Clasps - The Whipping Song - Luke Creed Remix

    19:20   Tunnel - Strangers & Lovers - Perkussus Remix
    40:20   Drvg Cvltvre - Don't Give A Fuck (Original Mix)

    Techno, Audio Affair, Gobsmacked, Hard Techno, Industrial, Diarmaid O Meara, DOMONE
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