Drum & Bass for Grannies - Ep 8 is out !

 // Villeneuve d'Ascq

Hello and welcome everyone, Drum & Bass for Grannies episode 8 is out!
This month is a bit different as the set is heavily liquid funk oriented!


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Atlantic Connection feat. Minds One & DJ Noumenon - Can't Destroy Love
Simplification Remix - Duoscience - Night traffic
Hive - Last Call
Capone - Bongo Rock
Total Science – Picture Perfect
Cosmonautics & DJ Patife - 81 is the Number
The Invaderz - Double Think
Kaleb - Broken Promises
Digital - Dennis the menace
Blu Mar Ten - Headhunter
Ant Miles & Red One - Bring it On
Shy FX - Plastic Soul
Syncopix - Happy Happy Joy Joy
Peshay - House Sound
Social misfits - Velvet rooms
Higher Sense - All Night
Logistics - Millionaire
Capone -you and me
Satl - b.l.o
Blade - the Theme
Phase 2 - Come with Me
XRS - Search
London Elektricity - Fast Soul Music
Simple souls & link feat flotation - Set it off
Marcus Intalex & ST Files vs High contrast - Do it
D-Bridge remix - DJ Zinc - Departure
D.kay & Epsilon - It's on the way
The Invaderz remix - Marky & Xrs - The wizard
Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith Tudo Lindo
Social Security - Take Away
Paul SG & T.r.a.c & LaMeduza - let me show you
The Invaderz ft. Jay Love - Drift Away
DJ Kane Ed Solo & Brockie - Stampede
Winslow - Thinking of you (feat. t.r.a.c)

Coming up this month with something different: summer time flavor liquid funk (…last dance before global warming..!).
With the like of liquid V, Hospital, SoulR, Innerground to name a few. This one was really a different exercise for me as I haven't much practiced mixing Liquid funk alone. If you've ever listen to one of my previous mix, you probably noticed that I'm more comfortable when blending neuro + liquid + Beats and while I tried my best to get away from that pattern I was unable to resist to add safe bet like Ant Miles, Dillinja and the Invaderz…

My personal feeling about this mix: this mix is a very special animal because the mixing itself has much less moment's with 3 or 4 tracks playing together (something less doable if you want each track to deliver his melody) anyway I think I was able to keep the core of my own mixing style witch I'm very proud of.

Noticeable oldies and discoveries:

T.R.A.C the hip hop artist!: I love when rappers make the crossover to Drum'n' Bass I never imagined that one could literally join the D'n'B movement. Lovable flow and soulful voice tone make T.R.A.C an instant winner in my new discovery list

Capone - Bongo Rock/You and me: Due to vinyl rip the sound quality of those tracks is a bit cheesy, anyway I wanted to feature those tunes that I love very much for being a less noticeable (nobody played them !) but still super cool side of Dillinja versatility.

Peshay - House Sound: I hated this track from day one until times does it job and made me change my mind. What a Banger when melted with another track. Definitely something to keep in the bag to rock a dancefloor.

Blu Mar Ten - Headhunter: To me Blu martin was always associated with atmospheric D'n'B, a sub-genre that I've always found boring (The D'n'B version of music for elevators). Once again I was wrong. This tune is so good, so epic, it's like being taken on a journey. D'n'B needs more tune like this, D'n'B needs more tune that tell a story !

Liquid V: Back in the days I was a big fan of the Jumping Jack Frost Shows on Kiss 100 that you could find replay everywhere on napster, that liquid sound was clearly developed on his show. What a pleasure to see 20 years later it has morphed to a label with that very same refreshing house vibe. In this set I picked tunes from T.R.A.C, Social Security, Social misfits, Blade, Phase 2 to name a few but I'v just scratched the surface and am sure to find a lot of new jewels in here.

Hope you'll have greate fun listening to my mix, see you next time.

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