This episode's guests are the founders of Immaterial.Archives, CYB & Elisa Batti. The Amsterdam based label was founded in 2018, driven by the desire of exploring the boundaries of electronic music.

The label always strives to innovate, while bringing on board the most talented producers from the underground contemporary techno scene.

Immaterial.Archives debuted with 'Between Viewers and Spaces', which featured excellent remixes by Michal Jablonski and Wrong Assessment.

For their second release ‘Undersea Mountains Pt. 1’, happening on the 19th of September 2019, the label will have the pleasure of having other two brilliant contributions from Alfedo Mazzilli and Keikari.
This year will end with IA003 ‘Undersea Mountains Pt.2’ , planned for December, with two great artists such as VSK and Kaiser.

Music is ephemeral - always disappearing. It is an Immaterial archive.

CYB is an Italian drummer, dj and producer. After a long militancy as drummer for Ulan Bator (FR), Object (FR), Dilatazione (IT) and La Band del Brasiliano (IT) CYB was heavily influenced by the pulsating techno scene starting to experiment with synthesizers and drum machines. He composed also original soundtracks for advertisements, visual performances and dance pièces.

Elisa Batti started her career working as a composer for the contemporary dance scene. Through the years she also started collaborating with visual artists for sound installations and became a member of the digital art media platform Kinetika museum. In 2012 she decided to develop her own musical project. Digging down into this direction leads her to the creation of Violet Fall (Progressive Form). Since 2015 Elisa Batti slowly stepped actively into the techno environment as a DJ and producer.

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