This week we present Berlin based Viktoria with her powerful Techno sound. In the set you can hear some of her upcoming productions. We are proud to have her in our podcast series.

Delving into the depths with Viktorias mixes, you will find everything from moody, stripped back cuts, powerful floor killers and melodic industrial drivers.

Working for many years, she had early collaborations with Miss Sunshine (Insolate) in her native Croatia.

After moving to Berlin in recent years and being a resident of Stattbad, her productions have landed on labels such as Rebekah’s Decoy Records, LDNwht, Gynoid Audio and Joachim Spieth’s Affin for example.

Forthcoming EP`s of her music you can find on Modul, Random Island and her own Viktoria Records, to mention a few.

To learn more about Viktoria, please visit:

Viktoria - Introducing (Original Mix) // Upcoming
Viktoria - 3motions (Original Mix) // Upcoming
Rhomb - Rebus (Original Mix) // Modularz
Robert S (PT) - Suffocated (Sin Sin Remix) // Robert Limited
Gabros - Out Of Control (Original Mix) // Bass Tune Records
Klaudia Gawlas - Obsession (Original Mix) // Credo
Janice - B1 (Original Mix) // Janice
Cleric - Turbine (Original Mix) // Figure
Dave Simon - Traib (Original Mix) // Planet Rhythm
Robert S (PT) - Monik (Original Mix) // Robert Limited
Developer - Towering Figure (Original Mix) // Developer Archive
Viktoria - Tesla (Original Mix) // Random Island (Upcoming)
Amotik - Atharah (Original Mix) // Amotik
Be Morais - Lost In Rumble (Original Mix) // Dear Deer Black
Thomas P. Heckmann - Introspective Two (Original Mix) // Carpe Sonum Records

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    Viktoria - Introducing (Original Mix)
    Viktoria - 3motions (Original Mix)
    Rhomb - Rebus (Original Mix)
    Robert S (PT) - Suffocated (Sin Sin Remix)
    Gabros - Out Of Control (Original Mix)
    Klaudia Gawlas - Obsession (Original Mix)
    Janice - B1 (Original Mix)
    Cleric - Turbine (Original Mix)
    Dave Simon - Traib (Original Mix)
    Robert S (PT) - Monik (Original Mix)
    Developer - Towering Figure (Original Mix)
    Viktoria - Tesla (Original Mix)
    Amotik - Atharah (Original Mix)
    Be Morais - Lost In Rumble (Original Mix)
    Thomas P. Heckmann - Introspective Two (Original Mix)

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