The summer is over, but don't worry! We have an unique offer for you — to follow with us and our long time brother, like-minded producer and great musician raising from Russia, lives now in Portugal — Dmitry Gorbunov, who releases his wonderful music under the alias Parhelia.
After six years from the release his first mix for our podcast, this producer come back with the new.
Few months ago we told with him about this possibility and now here it is! Great one-hour mixtape with golden classics of drum & bass and some freshest tunes from the author himself and the another well-known producers from all around the world will not leave you indifferent.
From darkness to sunrise, from oldskool to nuskool, here is various feelings which you'll live during this hour with us. These different but lovely sounds demonstrates how diverse this music once again.
We thank Dmitry for this musical adventure, wish to always have an inspiration and please us with your music ♥

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    01. Parhelia - Times Running Up (Denial Cover) [dub]
    02. Adam F - Music In My Mind [F-Jams / Positiva 1997]
    03. Remembrance - Everything Is Jazz [Opposide Records 2015]
    04. Parhelia - Found In A Seashell [dub]
    05. Zemfira - Rumba (Sky-Mix) [REAL Records 2000]
    06. Parhelia - Reconstruction [dub]
    07. Parhelia - Betelgeuse-20 [free 2020]
    08. Stunna - Earthrise [Offworld Recordings 2020]
    09. Bass'Flo & Ziyal - Invisible Worlds [Cadence Recordings 2013]
    10. Operon - Wintermute [ Offworld Recordings 2020]
    11. Teebee - The Claw [Certificate 18, 2000 / Subtitles Music 2020]
    12. Dissident & Cyberworm - Euphemism (Future Engineers Remix) [ Kos.Mos.Music 2020]
    13. Razorpoint - The Blind Piper [Drone Audio 2010]
    14. Dissident & Cyberworm - Zerkalo (Pryzma remix) [Kos.Mos.Music 2020]
    15. Parhelia - Tsvet Nebesny [dub]
    16. Nothing - Deep Rooted [Vinyl Backers 2014]
    17. P.B.K. - Protuberance [Expressions Recordings 2003 / Camino Blue 2010]
    18. Parhelia - Monsoon [dub]
    19. Parhelia - White Flag [dub]

    Drum & Bass, Deep DnB, Atmospheric, Techmospheric dnb
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