Luigi Turra (b. 1975) is a minimalist electroacoustic composer living and working in Italy. His main interest is in the aural balance between silence and tactile perception of sound. Trough the manipulation of concrete and acoustic sources, he develops acoustic paths in which listeners experience continuous pauses and subtly abrasive sound tensions. Starting from the capture of small sounds and noises, Luigi Turra creates pieces of music, that are references to beauty of the imperfection and to the beauty of the transitory.
His work is published from labels such as LINE (US), mAtter (JP), Non Visual Objects (AT), and/OAR (US), Silentes (IT), Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), 901 Editions (IT) and Trente Oiseaux (IT).



01 - Ryuichi Sakamoto: Fullmoon
02 - Skoltz Kolgen: 02e
03 - Ryota Kanasaki: [Qualia]
04 - Pierre Schaeffer: Echo d’Orphée
05 - Jan Bang: The Midwife's Dilemma
06 - Giacinto Scelsi: Sauh I - IV Liturgy for voice with magnetic tape
07 - Arve Henriksen: Recording Angel
08 - Akira Rabelais: Which alters when it alteration finds
09 - Morton Feldman: Triadic Memories Part 1
10 - Tetuzi Akiyama & Toshimaru Nakamura: Semi-Impressionism 01
11 - Cygni: untitled #10
12 - David Sylvian: Transit
13 - Ernst Karel & Annette Krebs: Falter 4
14 - Steinbruchel: Circa 08
15 - Pierre Vasseur: Champ VI
16- Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer: Resole
17 - Rainier Lericolais: Adagio Ma Non Tanto
18 - Lionel Marchetti: L'Incendie
19 - Yumiko Tanaka: Music For A Four and a half tatami mat Room (Fragment 4)

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    • 92.5 bpm
    • Key: Bm
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