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With the success of the first episodes, this one takes you on a journey. Perhaps you might believe that people are deranged in their real-world, perhaps not fully function unique enough as maybe they might living illusionary worse and keep ahead making dictatorship. As well as towards imprisonment of the people who want to be alone, perhaps such things as freedom do not exist in our world. So a head on the topics of the world, kindly well spoken by two jokers who derail the system towards a new look, perhaps there are several things to talk about. This episode offers secrets and beliefs in such a way they are explicitly spoken.
The success that continues isn't self-made easy; it is made upon keeping on the track of the right way. Perhaps a betterment of society happens when we speak those topics we do, and people are more often related to these things that they self struggle with. Maybe we have headlines of much different news, we strive to perfection, as well as to point out the weakness of others or perhaps people who can be spoken of as leaders of the world, as who was the lover to Jeffrey Epstein, who was in love to put him into the sleep. Believe it or not, we make this comedy to the next level perhaps in the right way, or somehow it will matter to us as soon as more people hop into the van towards these episodes of release.
Thanks again for tuning into this show. It's Andy Show because he eventually is the center of popularity. Some might perhaps believe DEA Lazer is the one with the power to tell things in a different matter, but the craft of special effects and even beatboxing experiences set his movement around.

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    Comedy Talks
    • Type: Original
    • 93 bpm
    • Key: Abm
    • Mjøndalen, Norge
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