With Sitar played by one artist from the group The Fly Kingdom the track as well was somehow firstly arranged by one guy from Portugal with name soul---- the Name wasn't easy available for me to remember. But he helped to arrange the first quarter of the track. From time to time I already then started to produce the music. So around at middle of the track the last arrangement was made by me.

From that time sounds from the Nexus were removed and replaced with Sytrus or Harmor which have more specific higher quality level than Nexus. Nexus piano is overused and most often it has low level of procedure to all musicians.

Most of my music often is made with clean Sytrus or Harmor sound. So there are some projects from 2007-2009 which were still with Nexus but were mostly removed after that period of time. Since after then all my tracks got the edit and were using original and no signature sound.

    Wonder Trance, Wonder Trance
    • Type: Original
    • 135 bpm
    • © All rights reserved
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