2 Boasters - Large Southend Donut (The 1600cc Remix)
2 Reefer - Dont Look Back
3 Rude Bwoy - The Herb
DJ's Unite - In Effect (Dancin The Whole Night)
Bass Ballistics - Smoke Dis One Remix (Smoke Till Ya Choke)
Cleptomaniacs - Positive Feedback (Climax Mix)
Agent Orange - Only You Have The Bass
Bass Probe - Another Sleepless Night (Vocal Mix)
Bad Influence - Never Too Much
Bass Selective - Make Me Rush
DJ Jinx - Devotion
DJ DD Hass - Untitled
DJ Undercover Elephant - Untitled A1
Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track (Foghorn Mix)
Ellis Dee & DJ Swanne - Ruff Neck Bizznizz
Ellis Dee - Rock To The Max
Fozbee & Cooz - Free Your Mind (Remix)
Insomnia - Down To Earth
Jonny L - Hurt You So (S & M Mix)
Dee Patten - Who's The Bad Man
Blame - Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice Remix)

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