Equilibrio Sbilanciato

 // Padova, Italia

2009 Album 'Equilibrio Sbilanciato' di Davide Paccagnella / Syntithenai
Reviewed from RadioIndy: Listen up to the intriguing experimental electronic sounds of “Equilibrio Sbilanciato” by the quite fascinating composer Syntithenai. These inventive arrangements stimulate an air of artistic visions of well produced sounds blended with moving, percussive beats. With an ambiance of industrial tonality, “Deceiving Train” is enhanced with brilliant and soothing synth sounds that bond with the rhythmic percussion. The title track, “Equilibrio Sbilanciato” could easily be heard at a club as there is a soft and gentle arpeggio and subtle synth string swells. Space like and mysterious, “Uomo2009” is imaginative with industrial pulses and sound textures. Syntithenai has compiled a terrific set of compositions that is orchestrated with precise precision. If you like new and captivating electronic music, then “Equilibrio Sbilanciato” is just the album you’ll want to hear. -Diane and the Reviewer Team

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