Been a long time coming this episode, and for the first time I got to focus on someone I happen to know personally.

Josh is someone who I always look forward to seeing what he comes up with next, and is HUGELY underrated in the music scene. He's a great bloke to boot, always willing to listen to everyone and speak honestly and in a friendly fashion. Musically, I always find myself doing myself down when comparing myself to him (so much so I get told off for it haha!), like I sit in front of the DAW, knowing I have similar samples, the same tools at my fingertips, the same ideas, but he always seems to do it better than I can.

I don't mean this in a nasty or envious way however, more that I see it as a standard to continually aspire to, and while he keeps pushing the boundaries, coming up with fresh sounds, it gives me the impetus to continue striving for better. It's an honour to put this mix together. BIGGUP JAKAZID!

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    Dumbshitthatjakazidmade - Wanasthasia
    Jakazid - Be With U
    Pengaton - Is All Is
    Jakazid - Have 2 Survive
    Fracus & Darwin - Music Blocks (Jakazid Remix)
    Kanji Kinetic - Bang Harder (Jakazid Remix)
    Tanuki vs Jakazid - New Day
    Tim & Eric - Petite Feet (Jakazid Remix)
    Jakazid - My Beat
    Jakazid - Amnesia
    Jakazid - (Don't Stop!) Keep Goin'
    Jakazid - Technique Checker
    Jakazid - Warning
    Jakazid - See It Coming
    DJ Evil - Sweet (Jakazid Remix)
    Jakazid - Came 2 Party
    Kendo vs Jakazid - Bananas!!
    M Project & Jakazid - Crowd Rocka
    Sample Junkie - Get Fucked (Jakazid Remix)
    DJ Genki - Fcuk Unicorns (Jakazid Remix)
    Omodaka - Yosawya San (Jakazid Remix)
    Jakazid & Dave Skywalker - (Untitled unreleased WIP)

    • Release Date: 08/27/2020 9:00 PM
    • 90.5 bpm
    • Key: Abm
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