Part II, continuing the journey through the label from IR019 to IR036 into 1994....

    Front Line - Front Line
    Front Line - Rough Noise
    Progression - Jungle Dream
    Progression - Get On Your Feet
    Progression - 150 B.P.M.
    Progression - Lost In The Jungle
    DJ Genesis & Kenny X - X Rated Movie
    DJ Genesis & Kenny X - Wheel The Bass
    Ibiza Crew - Out To Play(Underground Mix)
    Ibiza Crew - Sunshine Faraway(Jump Up Mix)
    Ibiza Crew - Sunshine Faraway
    X-Certificate - Take Me
    X-Certificate - Dark Affair
    Potential Bad Boy - New Style
    Potential Bad Boy - New Style(Part 2)
    Potential Bad Boy - New Style(Part 3)
    Noise Factory - Run Come Follow Me
    Noise Factory - Can You Feel The Rush
    X-Certificate - Take Me(Remix)
    X-Certificate - Wheel The Bass(Remix)
    EOAD - Love The Feeling
    EOAD - Love The Feeling(Remix 1)
    EOAD - Love The Feeling(Remix 2)
    EOAD - Groove
    EOAD - Egyptian Groove
    EOAD - HTR Groove
    Ent T - G.A.F.
    Ent T - Dredman
    DJ Connie - Tonight Is The Night
    DJ Connie - Together
    Potential Bad Boy - New Style(Re-Mix)
    Potential Bad Boy - New Style(Re-Mix Pt 2)
    Potential Bad Boy - Fly Like A Butterfly
    Potential Bad Boy - Here We Come
    Potential Bad Boy - Capsules
    Potential Bad Boy - Baby Be Mine
    Potential Bad Boy - Bring Your Body
    Potential Bad Boy - Brown Girls
    Potential Bad Boy - Jungle Fever(Jungle E Mix)
    Potential Bad Boy - Have No Fear

    ibiza records, Jungle, hardcore, Rave, breakbeat
    • Type: Mix
    • Coventry, United Kingdom
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