Born in Zaragoza (Spain) he came in touch with electronic music through his sister for the very first time. It all started with Hard House, Hard Core and Hard Style. After years of listening to these kinds of beats he was trying to find something different in the “electronic music".

Thanks to an international Club called Florida135 (2006-2011) he had the possibility to experience some of the classic DJs from Detroit, like e.g. Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin or Derrick May. Their sounds were a little softer and different but caught his attention, too. On this period also thanks to his friend Pablo from the same district in Zaragoza, who loves Techno too, he started playing tracks and got his first technical understandings on how Djing works. At this time he never thought about Djing (at least in public) but he realized how much fun it was and how creative you can be. Over time he developed a sense of good sound and track selection.

Although Berlin was his first choice he decided to move to Munich in 2011 (unexpected things happen often). After one year working and fighting with the language he randomly met Gonzalo at a Techno party. They immediately got on like brothers and soon started to get to know other great people working in Munich’s “night scene”. During this (short) period of time they noticed that there weren’t enough Techno parties in the city. However, the famous Zenker Brothers and their label Ilian Tape slowly started to get more and more good Techno Djs to Munich and organized parties offering great quality music, something totally different what the city hasn´t heard before.

In 2012 he founded the collective "Spassverbot" (Spvbt) with some friends trying to offer more Techno parties starting with off-locations in and around Munich. Because differences on the way of thinking, on how to see the music and basic principles.... he left Spassverbot, deciding to go on his own way.

Since 2011 and after more than 7 years of electronic music experience, he started producing on a homestudio which is growing with the time and he is learning from collaborations proyects and because his autodidact spirit.

Even without almost any recognition, he kept producing.

His last EP released on August 2016 "Numbers EP" was supported by Boris (OstgutTon), WarinD ( WarinD Records) and many others reputed and also amateur Djs. For that EP he created also music videos for each Track of the release.

His relative reduced Setup gives him a special and characteristic Sound and Style, moving away from trends and at the same time leaving his personal taste or mark. For his productions he makes use of his vast musical and party knowledge (NewYork, Berlin, Leipzig, Tokio, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Ljubljana, Paris, Munich?...)

Since 2017 he is running his own digital Label.

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    • Type: Podcast
    • 129 bpm
    • Key: Cm
    • York, United Kingdom
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