She said... All men are the same
Are you any different?
Would you love me different?
Tell me, what's the difference?
You're just a nigga from the hood
And you think you're gifted
Actually this ain't a gift
I think my mind is twisted
Truth be told, half the time
I don't know where my head's at
You heard I was tryna score
But please forget I said that
I just stood there speechless
I could see the pain
Young broken girl
Desperate to believe
She can't be the reason
Why they always up and leave
She's using all them filters
When she's posting up a smile
But in reality she ain't been happy in a while
I guess that's how it goes
That shit is just a cover
All she ever wanted was
Somebody who can love her
So I'm standing here thinking
Should I take a shot or nah?
'Cos I've got my own baggage
And she's clearly had enough
She's hanging from the edge
And she's barely hanging on
Is she impossible to love?
What the fuck is going on?
But through it all, she's gotta
Be a mother to her kid
Who never knew his pops
He was never in the scene
Tryna keep up with the niggas
She been seeing in between
A young girl from the hood
With a Dollar and a dream
Hitting up the vodka
Just to silence out the screams
From the neighbours next door
A family at war
She never asked for much
All she wanted was "The One"
To make her feel little special
Treat her kid a little nice
And buy her nice things
Even if it's Mr. Price
Wondering if she'd hit
Them followers like Tessa Brooks
But getting Instagram famous
Ain't as easy as it looks
So she's stacking up tips
Every weekend on the pole
Sunday she in church
Praying she don't lose her soul
But there's visions of the fire
Every time she tries to pray
And then she calls her mum
And this all she has to say

I don't know what to do
I don't know
I don't know

Her best friend Nicki
Always had some good advice
Never fuel an old flame
So it doesn't scorch you twice
But that's yesterday's news
Her love has been abused
So talking to her exes
Is considered a taboo
Especially that nigga
That she had to go tattoo
She's sitting there thinking
There's gotta be more to life
All these late nights
Is it even worth the strife
But she gotta catch a break
Whatever it may take
This October coming
There'll be 30 on her cake
At age 16 she was living on her own
Never woulda thought
She'd raise a baby all alone
But she's always been a fighter
Yeah, we know all about her
Every Sunday Service
They be giving her the look
The black sheep of a family
That's living by the book
But she's sending prayers up
Hoping there's a better way
And every time I hit her up
Here's all she has to say

I don't know what to do
I don't know
I don't know

Shit's gon' get easier
Just keep your head up
Everything's gon' be aii
I promise...

    Hip Hop
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    • Key: Cm
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    • Abuja, Nigeria

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