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Our first Emcee signing comes in the form of yung George 'SoopaCrzy' who caught our attention a few weeks back with his unique flow and diction. It was even more humbling for us when we found out that he has been a follower of DTW for a while now and the rest is history. He has been laying down his interpretations for several of our artists like Koetry and Samuel Truth, and his take on Sam's classic 'Caspian' clearly exhibits his skills and raw talent. 'Caspian' was previously featured on our Free Download Series, and is supported heavily by tastemakers worldwide. Hence, this Soopacrzy version serves as an equally competent alternative to the original. Watch out for some forthcoming material from Soopacrzy on DTW in the next few months or so.

Lyrics :

Pisces with the psyche,

Or the mindset of jive brotha, I'm where the Mic be,
I saw my future coming, now I wonder where your sight be
All I know is I'm flowing and I'm coming at you light speed
Might be another rapper or an emcee that never makes it
But I'll continue til my mind becomes vacant
My lines accentuated, throwing em right in ya face

Another shining star, tryna blast off into space

friends say I got the skills, but box me In
But let me out, I'm too versatile to be rapping bland
My old man said I'm too bright to be this dark

Now I Question if he knew I had potential then?
It's for the love of the game, but it's a hard race
Chasing every vision that I see with a car's pace
Dealing with heartaches, and 808 & heartbreaks
They steal away like larceny, but I play rough like scarface

scarface cutscene

Im so relieved cause I relinquished all of my doubts

Now would it be different if I spoke from dragons mouth? and meant everything I said, no remorse coming out?

This is effortless, why you recording, forcing it out
The contortionist of lyrical masses, I want the clout

Or the respect that come with a reputation, man I wanted it all
But downfalls usually start off with a flaw
So now I'm all conscious with every move that I make
Keep ya eyes open for everybody, including snakes
Cause the fakest person you didn't know could be in ya face
Tryna make every single move that you made
But I'm two steps ahead of the fools that wanna hate

Too impeccable, this what I do with no mistakes



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