Originaly from my larmkunst experiment.
Sound sources:
Maelzel metronome
Bamboo drums (performed with mallets)
Delays, echoes, filters, wahwah.

Remixed, edited and first released for this Junto project:
Write a piece of music inspired by this haiku, which was written by Peita Vincent:

Poisoned Waterhole:
Violent disregard echoes.
Keenly felt today.

I was trying to get into the Disregard Echoes concept, I decided to refresh a previously unavailable track I created when I was seriously infatuated with echoes and delays, particularly the casualties of infinite decay on some units. While some pedals/racks just repeat the original signal forever when you set “feedback” to 100%, others just clip, overload, crash or produce a dense distorted thing out of a single note or musical phrase.
Here I used my bamboo drums (from Guatemala and Mexico) called Tun or Tembonastle. And run the simple groove through rhythmic delays to create a nice evolving groove, and some notes went to different delays with 100% feedback that went through filters and pedal WahWah. The other sound used is my Maelzel mechanical metronome (oak wood, gorgeous)

Photo by kazuend

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    disquiet, haiku, larmkunst, bambou, bamboo, Instrumental, Soundtrack, Abstract, Experimental, percussion, metronome
    • 156 bpm
    • Key: Gb
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