Out Of The Cave (El Tala)
I played two charangos, two flutes (bamboo from bali and plastic flutophone from the USA), I sang four part harmonies, I played some percussion: bombo and kuntrun (from Argentina), plastic tubes, derbouka (from Turkey) and a hi pitched filtered percussion loop (that served me as metronome).
The convolution reverb used is from “Buffalo Cave”, wherever it is.

Image by Laura Agusti

Created for:
Disquiet Junto Project 0293: Emerge/Immerse
Think about the sort of sound that might accompany, contribute to, or otherwise be a component part of a VR experience. Now, record a short piece of music, up to two minutes, that is about something emerging — something being brought to life, or coming out of a cave, or otherwise coming into being.

I took an old version of a track I published earlier this year, un-muted some unused tracks, removed most of its length (it was 5 minutes long) and that’s it.
It goes like this: the primitive guy is inside a cave, at the 50 seconds mark he steps out, he sings cause it’s sunny, but ... there are percussion players.
Bottom line is: he was better inside the damn cave.
And 2 minute long is too short for this assignment!

To Bassel Khartabil.

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