This is my cut ‘n chop happening.
I took two wonderful pieces from two of our very talented Juntonians,
Watching the clouds from above --- disquiet0286
And @suss-musik’s
Dingdong [Disquiet0253]

I used the traditional CUT/PASTE technique to grab and paste fragments I liked from both.
Then I added a melodica jamming just to be part of the party. So the rules are broken again (shoot me!), but I couldn’t help joining this proto-fake-calypso celebration.
Then I accentuated the challenge idea of pause as a stop-sound device and I cut savagely both tracks, sometimes rhythmically, some others randomly.
This is what you get:

0:00 Suss Müsik
0:15 Wüst joins with some stabs, I cut Suss Müsik when Wüst plays to avoid overlapping
0:21 Melodica joins
0:31 Würst cut-pasted-loop takes the lead
1:50 Suss Müsik is back
2:06 Wüst new loop
2:23 Happy Ending

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