Created by DD on Friday October 20th in the morning for junto project number 303:
"Record a short piece of music that is somehow apart from how you think the 303 was intended to be utilized."

All sounds here are the actual samples (waveforms) from the Roland TB303 but used on different sample player and soft-synths.
Tried to use the TB-303 in a “contra-natura” way somehow.
I guess most people using this great little toy usually stick to the normal 4/4 time signature, in my time using drum machines and sequencers I was striving hard to make beats in “weird” signatures on some hardwares so I went for it now that I’m free from the hardware UI restrictions.

This is a maniac and stubborn (albeit a bit lyrical) 7x4 beat using bass waveforms from the TB 303 in my own 2017 workflow.

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This one's a free download BTW

    roland, 303, TB, Electro, Instrumental, experimental, junto, Acid, Bass, sequencer, disquiet, Free, Download
    • 91.5 bpm
    • Key: Fm
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