A never ending rumination around a riff in black and white.
Shared for: Disquiet Junto Project 0307: Black and White and Punk All Over: Pay tribute to the Sex Pistols on the 40th anniversary of Never Mind the Bollocks. (November 2017)

Disclaimer: I participated on this one because I love the idea of black/white contrasts in music, I do like the “Hurlements en faveur de Sade’ concept, and can have a dose of punk, particularly when it allows me to kick myself out of any comfort zone.
But, FWIW, I won’t pay tribute to “Nevermind the bullocks” cause I never liked that album at all ! Back then I just couldn’t’ get that people were putting the Pistols in the same league as The Clash, how dare them my goodness!

I never spent so much time in a junto track before. I started recording a simple riff, and wanted to repeat that all over with many subtle variations, alternating between Black and White versions of it.
Thought about White=Acoustic/Black=Electric, didn’t work, then White=Bass/Black=Guitars, that was worst.

In the end I had 20 tracks of the same riff performed with variations and interpolations, on
Stratocaster guitars (crunch & overdrive versions, different octaves) 4 tracks
Epiphone Casino Guitar (clean and crunch) 2 tracks
Bass harmonics
Fretless Bass
Electric bass 1 (low B)
Electric bass 2 ( jazz bass, pick and mute)
Electric Bass 3 (crunch tenor bass) 2 tracks
Upright Bass pizz
Upright Bass bowed
Classical Guitar

Processing: decided to use almost no reverb, just some delays here and there, modulation and distortion pedals.
Took one Epiphone chord and passed it thought PaulStrech to have that “pad” sound that gets in/out the mix sometimes.
In the end the black/white idea didn’t work, just couldn’t make it sound right. SO I made a pastiche/collage using all the tracks, and the real punk attitude is putting everything in and just delivery the whole thing with no artistic-censorship.
There’s still Black and White sections, mind, even if most of the time you get shades of grey:
0:00 Black
2:00 White
2:48 Black
3:54 White
4:18 Black

This is the most over-long, never ending, (boring?) and self-indulgent piece of music I ever did. So that’s punk in my book, like “you don’t like it? f**k yuou!”
DD 18/NOV/2017

Photo by Frida Bredesen


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    Punk, experimental, disquiet, Guitar, Bass, riff, rock, post-rock, repetitive, hard, distortion, overdrive, Instrumental
    • 86.5 bpm
    • Key: Bm
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