Disquiet Junto Project 0300: 3 chords x 100 seconds.
Three 100 second long tracks blended together, So I’m offering to you here 300 seconds worth in just 100 seconds, more value for your time!
I played and hybrid triad, Esus2 (E-B-F#). I wanted to hold the notes for as long as it takes, not easy with most acoustic instruments.
My choice was Electric Guitar (Stratocaster) through a Line6 pedal board to benefit from the infinite decay of that “particle” reverb I’ve been using a lot to produce reverb-drone.
Second instrument a bowed upright bass (00:06 mark, overdubbed thrice to get the three note chord sustaining for 100 sec)
Third performer: another infinite sustain acoustic instrument I own, my Indian harmonium (starts at 00:22 mark), again, overdubbed thrice to use its three different registers: lows, highs, and tremolo (an amazing mechanical, fully acoustic creepy tremolo harmoniums have, very upfront around 00:48). 100 seconds of that edited on the mix.
When the guitar chord almost vanished and all you hear is the remains of the particle reverb (00:58) I overdubbed an arpeggiated take of the 3 note chord as an additional method to get the chord sounding for 100 seconds.
I also play a bonus bowed upright simple melody (at 00:28) to provide some variation to the plain triad. Everything was performed and mixed today at home.
No synths, no samples.
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    Drone, acoustic, Electro, Guitar, Abstract, disquiet, Bass, harmonium, bowed, Strings, Soundscape
    • 94 bpm
    • Key: B
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