I've been listening to a lot more Electro Swing as a sort of "less stressful but still upbeat and cheery" alternative to my usual genres while working from home in the last few months, and it gave me a chance to finally take note of some favorites. Enough to string them together into this mix that's just impossible not to groove to.

Too bad hearthis.at doesn't have this as a possible genre :x

  1. Caravan Palace - Russian
  2. Jules Gaia - Move Like This [3m50s]
  3. Bobby C Sound TV - JELLY BELLY [5m46s]
  4. Millie - My Boy Lollipop (Swingrowers Remix) [9m14s]
  5. Jules Gaia - Wild Slide [13m20s]
  6. Kitten & The Hip - Shut Up & Dance (Tavo Remix) [15m50s]
  7. Acorn Lane - Mr Mambo (Hips Mix) [20m30s]
  8. Guido Spumante, Pepe Spumante & Junior Di Luca - Attaboy [23m32s]
  9. Caravan Palace - Lone Digger [25m28s]
  10. Wolfgang Lohr - Top Bop [28m51s]
  11. Bart & Baker - Zou Bisou Bisou (feat. Lada Redstar) (La Madrague Remix) [32m20s]
  12. RetroElectric Big Band - Mambo Electro [35m15s]
  13. Julien Vega - Shoobidoo [37m30s]
  14. Guido Spumante, Pepe Spumante & Junior Di Luca - Bubbles [39m08s]
  15. Matt Dason - Dreamin' [43m14s]
  16. ProleteR - April Showers (2018 Digital Remaster) [48m12s]
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    Electro Swing, electro swing, Electro-Swing
    • Type: Mix
    • MontrĂ©al, Canada
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